Institutional Training

Packages for Institutional Training - Derivative Market Packages Topics Covered Total Hours Total Cost
1. Basic Package Basic Orientation 1 Hour USD 30
2. Advance Package a. Basic Orientation 7.5 Hours USD 300
b. Software
c. Fundamental Analysis
d. Technical Analysis
e. Risk & Money Management


  1. Only educational institutions are qualified to apply for the above packages.
  2. There is no restriction in the number of participants for the Basic Package. However, the maximum number of participants will be fixed at 30 for the Advance Package. If the number exceeds 30, the educational institutions will be further liable to pay USD 10 per participant. The current exchange rate will be applied for the payment purpose.
  3. Certificates of Participation will be provided to the participants on the completion of the Advance Package only. The certificates will be provided after the final session.
  4. The above packages are available for educational institutions in Nepal, Madagascar, UAE and Kuwait only. For other countries, please leave a message below.

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