Stock Market Demystified

(A Weekly Masterclass on Fundamental and Technical Analysis by Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd.)

Course Code Course Fees Teaching Mode Duration Per Session Total Sessions
IMFA-302 Free* Online 1-2 Hours 8

*For the training recordings and the certification of the training, the participant have to transfer NPR 500 in the designated account.


One Session / Module per week


1-2 Hours

Number of Participants:

150 Max

Course Detail:

The course will be delivered weekly. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis sessions will be conducted on alternative weeks.

Course Description:

This is an ideal course designed by Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd. for beginners looking to get started in stock trading or investing. The course is divided into eight modules that will cover both fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The course will help participants to understand both basic and major fundamental concerns usually ignored by the market participants as well as the technical analysis indicators. The course will also focus on risk management, trading strategies and behavioral aspect of the stock market. The designed modules for the course are as follows.

Module 1 Understanding the Capital Market
Module 2 Understanding the Technical Analysis
Module 3 Interpretation of Financial Filings
Module 4 Understanding Technical Indicators
Module 5 Comparable Company Analysis
Module 6 Understanding the Price Action Trading
Module 7 Risk Management & Market Behaviors
Module 8 Trading Strategies