Basic Certificate Course in Technical Analysis

The objective of the course is to introduce the different facets of technical analysis in a basic level. The participants will be taught different types of charts along with the trends and the support and resistance levels. They will become familiar with the notions of single candle, two candle and three candle patterns. The participants will also develop knowledge of the various technical indicators.

Course Code Course Fees Course Duration Duration Per Session Total Sessions
IMFA-401 NPR 5000 8 Hours 2 Hours 4


Unit I: Introduction to Technical Analysis (1 Session)

What is Technical Analysis?; Types of Charts-Line, Bar & Japanese Candlesticks; Trends-Uptrend, Downtrend & Sideways; Support & Resistance Levels

Unit II: Candlesticks Patterns (1 Session)

Single Candle Patterns-Hammer, Hanging Man, Doji; Two Candle Patterns-Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Piercing Line, Dark Cloud Cover; Three Candle Patterns-Morning Star, Evening Star

Unit III: Technical Indicators (1 Session)

What are Technical Indicators; Simple Moving Average; Relative Strength Index (RSI); Bollinger Bands; Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Unit IV: TradeManagement (1 Session)

Portfolio Management; Money Management and Risk Aversion Tools; Correlations and Risk; Portfolio Management; Trade Checklist; Trading Plan; Breakout; Gap Strategies; Wolfe Waves: Modern Approach; Different Types of Trading Strategies; Harmonic Trading; Chart Patterns; Technical Indicators Combination; Gold and Currency Relationship; Disciplined Trading


Advance Certificate Course in Technical Analysis