Foundation in FOREX Trading

Course Fees Course Duration (Month) Course Duration (Weeks) Sessions Per Week Total Sessions Duration Per Session
$2000 1 4 5 20 2 Hours


Unit I: Introduction to FOREX Trading & Software

What is FOREX Trading?

Forex Market Evolution

Forex Market Participants

Forex Trading Hours and Sessions

What is a Forex Pair?

What are Bids, Asks and Spreads?

Pips and Points

Forex Charts and How to Read Them

Bulls and Bears - Buyers Versus Sellers

What is Short Selling?

Market Orders Versus Pending Orders

What is a Take Profit and Stop Loss Order?


Unit II: Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis (Intro)

Economic Events

Economic Calendar

Volatility in the Forex Markets

Unit III: Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis (Intro)

Trends: Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideways

Support and Resistance Levels

Candlestick Patterns

What are Forex Indicators?

Moving Average




Unit IV: Risk &Money Management

Risk-Reward Ratio

Risk and Money Management Techniques

Trading Psychology Fundamentals

How to Manage the Emotions of Trading?

Keeping a Trading Journal