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1. What are IMFA Tokens?

IMFA tokens are provided to IMFA Global registered applicants after the registration process is completed along with the payment of the fees amount. From now on you can start sharing your referral token code to your near and dear ones, so that they can avail discount if they intend to join the same course with you. The more IMFA tokens you can generate via other registered applicants, the more tokens you can collect in your account. These tokens can be accumulated and redeemed for other courses offered by IMFA Global or services rendered by its associates.

2. How can I increase my IMFA tokens?

Your IMFA tokens increases as other applicants’ uses your referral token code while registering for a corresponding course. Use the share options in your customer portal to avail the feature to generate more referral prospects. You can start sharing your referral code in various social handles including Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Telegram and Viber. Apart from the above social pages, you can also copy the link of the referral code and share it in other mediums.

3. Can I transfer my IMFA tokens?

No, the referral tokens are non-transferrable.

4. Is the IMFA tokens redeemable for cash?

No, the referral tokens are not redeemable for cash.

5. How much IMFA tokens will I receive from one registered applicant?

You will be receiving 20% of course fees as IMFA tokens from one registered applicant.
For Example:
If the course fees is USD 100, then 20% of 100 i.e. 20 IMFA tokens will be updated in your account.

6. How much is 1 IMFA token equivalent to?

1 IMFA token will be equivalent to USD 1 or NPR 100 depending upon the currency of payment.

7. Will the exchange rate fluctuation affect my IMFA tokens?

No, it will not affect. This will be fixed.

8. When can I start sharing my IMFA tokens details?

You can start sharing the referral tokens after the completion of your registration process and payment credit for any course.

9. Can I partially pay for the course with tokens?

Yes, you can partially pay with the tokens for the course fees and the rest of the amount can be transferred.