IMFA Global Franchise Model

-Taking Your Organization to the Next Level-

Here are some stats to ponder upon:

Every one business out of seven is a franchise

During the course of a single business day, a new franchise opens every 8 minutes.

The above highlights prove the notion that franchise is the way forward in the ever-evolving nature of business today. Education in the financial markets have grown leaps and bounds and we understand that it is imperative to expand our presence through domestic organizations that can take our legacy forward.

In this regard, IMFA Global is privileged to introduce the Franchise Model. With this model, a domestic organization will be able to commence a financial markets training institute utilizing the brand and goodwill of IMFA Global. The business model is solely based on a win-win situation for the parties concerned as we turn yet another chapter in our illustrious story with zero investment. We have reached yet another milestone with this announcement and we hope you join us in our endeavor as we seek to revolutionize the financial markets education sector.

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