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Basic Certificate Course in Cryptocurrencies

Course Code Course Fees Course Duration Duration Per Session Total Sessions
IMFA-102 USD 100 10 Hours 2 Hours 5

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to provide basic skills related to operate in cryptocurrencies and the ways of investing in it. It will enable the student to take up investment in multiple cryptocurrencies independently.

Unit I: Basics of Cryptocurrency

Introduction to Cryptocurrency; Blockchain Basics, Application of Cryptocurrencies, Understanding Types of Orders, Cryptocurrency Wallets (Myether Wallet, Trezor and Ledger Nano); Introduction to the Trading Platforms; Popular Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms; Pros and Cons of Popular Trading Platforms

Unit II: Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Choosing Right Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Fees, Security, Liquidity, Option for Short and Margin Trading.

Unit III: Cryptocurrency Wallets

Introduction to Wallets; Hot Wallet vs. Cold Storage; Types of Cryptocurrency Wallets; Popular Cryptocurrency Wallets; Pros and Cons of Popular Cryptocurrency Wallets; Finding the Right Wallet for you; Tips to Tighten the Wallet Security

Unit IV: Basic and Advanced Order Types

Basic Order: Market Order and Limit Order; Advanced Orders: Stop Orders and Conditional Orders; Importance of Executing Orders; Traps to Avoid while Executing Orders

Unit V: Order Book

Introduction to Order Book; Market Depth; Bid/Ask Walls; Reliability of Order Book Data; Potential Trade manipulation