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Basic Certificate Course in Commodities

Course Code Course Fees Course Duration Duration Per Session Total Sessions
IMFA-101 USD 100 10 Hours 2 Hours 5

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to provide basic skills related to operate in commodities and the ways of investing in it. It will enable the student to take up investment in commodities independently.

Unit I: Introduction to Derivative Market (1 Session)

Meaning of Derivative Market; Features of Derivative Market; Types of Derivative (Futures contract, Forward contract, Option, Swap)

Unit II: Market Mechanism (2 Sessions)

Market Mechanism: Margin, Orders, Validity, Ways to Position, Clearing and settlement procedure

Unit III: Terminologies (2 Sessions)

Futures Market Terminologies (Contract Terminology-Symbol, Contract Size, Unit, Price quoted, Tick size, Tick value, Client Commission, Trading Hours, Contract Months; Gap Up/Down; Spikes; Margin Call); Benefits of Futures Trading; Participants of Futures Market (Hedger, Speculation, Arbitrageur)